Featured Resident

Congratulations to Ms. Juana C., our featured resident for the month of February. She is 63 years young and was born in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She is the proud parent of 3 children, 1 girl and 2 boys. Ms. Juana worked as a babysitter for 15 years and loved caring for children in her community. She also loves to cook and one of her favorite dishes to prepare is chicken salad. Some of her fondest memories are of her cooking and having dinner with her family. She tells me she enjoys to see people happy, smiling, and loving life. Throughout the day Ms. Juana can be found laughing with friends and participating in most of the daily activities offered here at La Hacienda. Some of her favorite activities are Bingo, Pretty Nails, and Karaoke. Ms. Juana has been a part of our family here at La Hacienda for 5 months and has always been a pleasure to serve. On behalf of all staff at La Hacienda Healthcare, we love you and thank you for allowing us to continue serving you Ms. Juana C.