Wound-Care Success Stories

Mr. Alonzo G. was admitted to La Hacienda Healthcare under our Wound-Care Program in March 2018. He arrived from Solara Hospital in serious condition with 17 wounds to all parts of his body and some active infection to most of those wounds. Under the direction of Dr. Phillip Midgley, our certified wound-care specialist and our wound-care certified nursing team which is led by Trini Messmer, we have been able to treat & resolve 100% of Alonzo’s wounds. Our Medical Director and Infection Specialist, Dr. Emmanuel Akinyemi followed the case closely and ensured Alonzo was receiving the proper Intravenous Antibiotics to fight off all infection which allowed the wounds to begin to heal properly. I’m proud to say Alonzo’s quality of life has drastically improved since being admitted to La Hacienda Healthcare under our Wound-Care Program. He is no longer in constant pain to due to wounds or infection. He is now able to tolerate being up to the wheel chair for meals and activities which allows for more social stimulation, and he continues to work with our Restorative Aides to improve his range of motion. On behalf of all staff here at La Hacienda Healthcare, it’s our pleasure to continue serving you and being a part of your continued success.